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Italy Graduates 10,000 Medical Students To Help Fight Coronavirus



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According to a report, Italy in its bid to fight and curtail the spread of Coronavirus in the country has decided to approve 10,000 student doctors into service, in order to support the health sector in treatment of victims as death toll increases in the region.

Naija News understands that Italy has been rated with one of the highest numbers of affected persons hit by the pandemic.

It was, however, noted in the report that the student doctors approved into the service are yet to seat for their final exams.

This online news platform also learned that death toll in Italy has risen to 2,503 within the last 24 hours. This was confirmed in statement by the Civil Protection Agency in Italy. Adding that a total number of confirmed cases has at yesterday increased to 31,506 from a previous figure of 27,980.

Giving update on the present situation in some regions in Italy, Lombardy’s health chief disclosed that it was vital that the Milanese strictly observe all the curbs on movement laid down by the government.

He said, “to prevent the contagion growing much more strongly in a very populous area like Milan”.

“University Minister Gaetano Manfredi said the government would let this year’s medicine graduates start to work some eight or nine months ahead of schedule and waive the mandatory exams they normally sit before qualifying.”

He added, “This means immediately releasing into the National Health System the energy of about 10,000 doctors, which is fundamental to dealing with the shortage that our country is suffering.”