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Group Gives CAN President, Rev. Supo Ayokunle, Seven Days To Resign



CAN calls for end to Tiv/Jukun crisis

Some concerned Christian Forum of Nigeria has called on the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Rev. Samson Supo Ayokunle, to step down from his role.

The group consists of distinguished clergymen across Nigeria who are displeased with the direction the Church is aimlessly drifting towards in their view.

The group claimed that CAN which was established to unify the body of Christ has been drifting away from its primary assignment.

It further stated that CAN has become a tool in the hands of politicians and champion for ethnic-sectarian bigots.

In an effort to restructure CAN, CCFN which consist of over 500 pastors in Nigeria has called on Rev Ayokunle to step aside rather than seek re-election.

The group made this claim in a statement released on Tuesday through its leader Rev. Prince Thompson.

According to the group, Ayokunle underwhelmed, falling short of the massive expectations on his shoulder when he took charge.

CCFN stated that it has given the CAN president seven days to tender his resignation or face a backlash from the church.

“CAN’s leadership under the current President, Reverend Supo Ayokunle, was highly anticipated to be reformists enough to return the association to its lost glory, for it to carry out a practically cleansing of CAN to free it of the dirt clinging to it from wallowing in the mire with swine,”.

“Our hope in Reverend Ayokunle being able to deliver CAN from the shackles of materialism have been dashed. Beyond having our hopes dashed we are being made despondent because his under his leadership “the high places were not taken away” but they were rather made higher. Truth is being sacrificed on individual private altars built to glorify self.”

“On top of whatever we, at that time, accused the Pastor Oritsejafor leadership of, Reverend Ayokunle’s tenure has visited the affliction on Christendom a thousand folds. Not only did he continue to desecrate the divine mandate of the association by deploying it as an arm of the PDP he has added the evil of hatred by actively promoting Islamophobia. CAN overnight became a vehicle for teaching believers to hate other humans that made after the likeness of God image simply on account of their present religious subscription.”

“A situation where President of CAN has become a tool in the hands of politicians and champion for ethnic-sectarian bigots in the country is a border that should never have been crossed but that is precisely where Christianity in Nigeria is now camped.”

“The situation is so bad that there are so many allegations about the Reverend and his associates have been collecting money from politicians and keeping same for personal gains in exchange to speaking according to scripts given to them by these politicians. There is no doubt that by all standard he has failed in his responsibility as a father to all and has allowed selfish agenda to rob him of being a channel for the flow of God’s words.”

“We have come to the realization that the violence to the body of Christ cannot be allowed to continue for longer lest there will be more atheists and agnostics than Christians by the time Reverend Ayokunle’s leadership of CAN completes its tenure.”

“The Concerned Christian Forum of Nigeria, therefore, demands the immediate resignation of Reverend Supo Ayokunle as CAN President. Our demand entails that the entire CAN Executive resigns with the President to allow the association replaces them with a leadership that will chart a course that conforms with the ideology upon which CAN was founded.”

“If the rejected CAN executive is at a loss as to why it has to go, it only needs to look to the existence of our forum. Had CAN pursue the agenda of uniting Christians across the various sects, denominations, and persuasions, we would not have the need to form this group pressure the leaders into doing the needful.”

“We give the Reverend Ayokunle executive seven days from today hand over the affairs of the association to an interim committee to run its affairs pending when a new election will be conducted.”

Source: Naija News

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