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Pastor Adeboye Says He Almost Died Before His 77th Birthday, Reveals What Kept Him Alive



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Adeboye Gives Shocking Testimony During Birthday Celebration

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, has revealed that he almost died before his 77th birthday celebration.

According to Adeboye, who refused to give further details, if not for God, he would have been dead and the service would have been a memorial service.

The revered clergyman spoke on Sunday during the morning thanksgiving service at the Redemption Camp in Lagos.

He said: “But for God, I won’t be alive today. But for God, this would have been a memorial service. Can somebody help shout Hallelujah! Don’t try to find out the details, just keep on praising God.

“It is not all testimonies you can share in public. You share some of them, people would wonder. I remember telling some of my children some moments ago that a certain General Overseer visited me not too long ago and he began to share all that God had done in his ministry and I kept on saying ‘wonderful, praise God, Glory be to God.’

“After about one hour, he said; ‘Daddy, I am the only one talking, you have not said anything. And I told him, Sir, if I tell you everything God has been doing for me, you will say God is partial. And that’s why some of us can’t say it all.

“You have to keep some of them. But there is one particular point that I must make this morning, I won’t give you the details, but for God, I won’t be alive today. This would have been a memorial service. But for God! Will somebody help me shout Hallelujah.”

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