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105 Inmates Escape From Brazilian Prison – Reports



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Brazil local media has reported that no fewer than 115 inmates have escaped from a prison in eastern Brazil on Monday.

However, the authority recaptured Thirty-three inmate from Romeu Goncalves Abrantes prison in the city of Joao Pessoa.

Daily Folha de Sao Paulo report that the inmate got help from unknown people outside the prison complex who blew up the gate of the prison.

The helpers wanted to release four inmates, who had been convicted of robberies of money transport vehicles and bank tellers.

A police officer who ia currently in critical condition was shot in the head by the fugitives while they escaped.

Escapes and mutinies are common in Brazil’s overcrowded prisons, which hold more than 726,000 inmates, about twice as many as they were built for.

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