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South Africa Dethrones Brazil In Global Ranking Of Women’s Average Hip Sizes (Full List)




A recent research carried out by market research company GitNux has uncovered that women in South Africa possess the widest average hip size, implying they may have the biggest backsides.

South Africa clinched the top spot with an average hip size of 41.73 inches, as per data from the report titled “Statistics About The Average Hip Size For Women,” which measured hip sizes in Nigeria and 16 other nations.

The ranking indicates that South Africa outperforms Brazil, which is commonly associated with wide hips and ample backsides, even though Brazil was not part of the dataset.

Argentina, renowned for its flourishing plastic surgery industry, particularly Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs), closely followed in second place at 41 inches.


Sweden, breaking the mold of tall and slender stereotypes, earned the third rank with an average hip measurement of 40.9 inches.

Greece and Germany secured the fourth and fifth positions on the list, with average hip sizes of 40.74 and 40.6 inches, correspondingly, while the US ranked sixth, with an average hip measurement of 40.2 inches.

The report pointed out that Nigerian women averaged a hip circumference of about 38.56 inches, measured at the widest point, serving as a gauge for pelvic size.


The researchers clarified that this average is derived from a sample group and may not accurately represent the size of every Nigerian woman.

India, ranking second-lowest in global obesity rates, maintained the record for the smallest average hip size at 36.1 inches.

While the study does not offer insights into the underlying reasons for the rankings, it hints that multiple factors like obesity rates, prevalence of plastic surgery, and inherent bone structure could be contributing factors.

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