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Plateau Killings: Details Of How Imam Hid Christians In Mosque During Attack



#Plateau Killings: Imam Hid Christians In Mosque During Attack
#Plateau Killings: Imam Hid Christians In Mosque During Attack

Victims Of Plateau Killings. Source: Daily Nigeria

Imam Hides Victims In Mosque During Plateau Attack

Over 200 people, including Christians, were hidden by an Imam inside a mosque during the killings in Plateau state.

BBC Pidgin reports that the religious leader, who remained anonymous saw people trying to escape from Birkin Ladi local government area where part of the killings took place and rendered them assistance by offering a mosque in Nghar Yelwa, his village, as a place of refuge.

Naija News learnt that the imam hid the women in his house before taking the men to the mosque.

“I first took the women to my personal house to hide them there, then I took the men to the mosque to hide, “ the imam reportedly said.

After hiding them, some of the armed men approached him and asked him to identify Christians among the people, but he was said to have lied that they were all Muslims.

He was said to have laid on the floor, begging the armed men to leave.

One of the survivors of the attack lamented the death of his son.

Another man expressed sadness over how more than 60 victims were buried in a mass grave.

Look at how they are buried,” he said crying.

“Where do we run to? We were born here and we grew up here but they want us to leave. To where?”

Over 100 people were killed in the attack.

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