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Big Brother Naija: Kbrule Speaks On His Moment In The House



Kbrule talks about his moment in the Big Brother Naija house. (Photo credit:

Kbrule who of latest saw an end come to his dream in the Big Brother Naija house had a live Q&A session on Payporte Instagram page and during the live session the former house mate member revealed a lot.

The former house mate member “Kbrule” while asked many questions, he revealed a lot of experiences that he had while in the house.

When a fan stated that she was angry with him while he was in the house, he responded that he was more angry with himself for disgracing his mother and letting his fans down and wanted nothing more than a chance to make it up.

He said, “I am angrier with myself for disgracing my mother letting her and my fans down. I want nothing more than to make it up”

On who he thinks should leave the house, he said, “I think Cee-C should leave

While asked on if winning the show is based on merit, he stated that he thinks Angel should win. In his words, “I love Ifu. I love Rico, I think he is very entertaining, very funny, and if we are to believe everything that he said, he has had it very tough but for some reason, I just love Angel. I feel like, how can one man be a Kung fu master and be a kickboxer? My guy sabi sing, my guy dey play guitar, my man come sabi book on top. My guy has tried. So, if it’s based on merit, I think it’s Angel.”

K.brule also talked about his drinking habit in the house saying he normally drinks responsibly but was carried away by trying to put on a show.

The ex-housemate laughed and replied in disagreement when asked if he would continue dating Khloe. “Nah” he said. He also replied a fan who asked how he felt when she kept insulting him in the house saying, “This poor broken lady is acting out of insecurity take it easy on her

Source: Naija News

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