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Let politicians swear by Ogun and corruption will stop – Yeni Kuti




-Yemi Kuti wants politicians be sworn in with “juju” and not Bible or Quran.

-She believes this is the only way to end corruption by politicians.

Corruption is believed to be a major factor militating against Nigeria’s growth and development, with many suggestions so far proferred on what is believed will create a lasting solution.

Adding her voice to the discuss, Yeni, daughter of the late Afrobeat icon, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, has voiced what she believes is the only antidote to ending corruption practices by Nigerian politicians.

According to her, traditional African medicine, ‘Juju’ should be used as a tool in fighting corruption in the country.

Speaking in a recent interview with Classic Fm, she said no one would steal money if government officials are made to swear by Ogun and other African deities instead of Holy bible and Quran.

“let them use ‘Juju’ to swear in government officials and we shall see if anybody will continue to steal our money in this country or not.

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“I am sure that if they are made to swear by Ogun or some other fearsome African deity, there will be no more corruption,” she said.

“I believe in life after death. Also I believe that if my father has a message for me, he will come directly to me and not go through someone I don’t know or like. If anybody tells me that Fela has sent a message to me through him, I would tell him to ask my dad to appear to me directly himself,” she said.

Asked if her father’s hatred for religion influenced her own decision, she said “my choice of religion was not largely influenced by Fela.

“It is not that my father made me to embrace it through indoctrination; I learnt and I actually believe in it. As a matter of fact, Fela’s arguments in defence of the traditional African religion were enough to convince me.”

She also urged Nigerians to stop being hypocrites, adding that some people professed to be devout Christians or Muslims by day, yet sneak out at night to consult local herbalists or diviners.

“What they are doing is wrong. It is either you belong to this or you belong to the other,” Yeni added.

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Yeni Kuti is the convener of the popular “Felabration” which holds in remembrance of late Afrobeat star, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

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