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NYSC News : Before You Go To Camp As A Corper



Just before you head to camp as a Corper in Nigeria, take your time and read this. It is a dream come true for all graduates to serve their father’s land. Will it be a dream come true when you are done service, you then realize that you can no longer find your bearing in life again? Before you head to camp as a Corper in Nigeria, read carefully and digest it.

One Year Will Pass Like One Day

Are you thinking that one service year will take its time and crawl past you? You better think again. Especially when you are posted to somewhere that is fun, you won’t know when 1 year passes you with full speed. Whatever thing you want to do, do it as soon as you have the chance. Never give room for procrastination.

See You Allowance as a Capital, Not a Salary

That was the mistake I made, but I managed to salvage my situation. Saving your allowance isn’t a bad idea, but it isn’t necessary. Investing your allowance should be at the back of your mind always.

A friend invested his own into ICT certification, and today he works with a Top IT firm here in Lagos just after a year of service. No need of saving it because once you are done with service without a job, you will start spending those savings till it finishes. Invest in yourself and gain the necessary skills.

Avoid half-Baked Certifications

As a Corper in Nigeria, a lot of certification vendors will approach you in camp and keep pestering you to learn and get a certificate. “NEVER FALL FOR IT”

“Any certification you wish to partake in should be done only when you are out of camp.”

Some certifications like the popular HSE, PMP that are given for such ridiculous cheap prices are called “Half-Baked.” You will only end up wasting your hard-earned money. Go for quality courses and complete courses. Avoid prices that are tagged “Corpers price in Nigeria” because they only collect your money and dump bullshit for you to learn.

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Learn a Skill

I always mention this all the time. It pains me to see a graduate begging to be given just any job when there are exciting roles that require people to fill up in various firms. For those who wish to work for someone after service, I suggest you pick up an ICT skill. For those who wish to work for themselves after service, combine an ICT skill with an Entrepreneur skill like beads making, soap making and so on.

Remember, if you want to sell to a wider audience, you need to have Digital Marketing skills (ICT)

Take your Time and Network and Don’t Keep Many Friends

They are called “Destiny Helpers.” Do you know that among all those Otondos in camp, there are children of those who rule the country among you all?. Keep searching for them till you see them. I did this and it paid out well for me.