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Tinubu No Longer Accessible To Party Members Who Helped Him Win The Election – Salihu Lukman




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A former Vice National Chairman, North-West of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Salihu Lukman has said that president Bola Tinubu is inaccessible to party members who supported him to win the election.

He claimed that the president is surrounded by aides and associates who are setting him up to fail.

Lukman shared his reservations during an interview on Arise TV.

He insisted that Tinubu needs to allow people with skills and capacity to engage and persuade him from doing the wrong things.

According to him, “I don’t want Asiwaju to fail. I want him to succeed because it’s in our interest for him to succeed. As a nation we’re hungry for a leader who in 200 years to come will be celebrated just like Americans are celebrating George Washington.

“The issue which I think President Tinubu should start doing now to demobilize some of us and we’ll all queue behind him if he sets out and allows party to function, is to ensure competent people leading the party, not just people he nominates, people with skills and capacity, to engage him and persuade him from doing the wrong things.

“Get him to act based on the decisions of the party. For me if he does that I’ll say our democracy has begun to mature, and if I see it that the party is beginning to get the strength to really intervene and give direction in terms of control by the party at all levels. The manifesto of the party is beginning to get life. I think if he does that, he’ll demobilize a number of us and I’ll queue behind him and will support the party.

“We cannot keep grand standing. All of us in the party are just onlookers. We’ve been unable to even access President Buhari and influence decisions on what needs to be done and this is frustrating.”