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Insecurity: Bandits Now Recruiting Youths For As Low As ₦500 – Katsina Governor Laments




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Katsina State Governor Dikko Radda has lamented that bandits are now recruiting Nigerian youths with as low as ₦500.

Making this revelation while speaking on Channels TV’s Politics Today on Friday, Governor Radda pointed to poverty as a significant factor contributing to the rise in banditry in Nigeria, particularly within the North-West region.

Naija News reports that during the interview, Governor Radda dismissed the notion that political motives are behind the banditry issues plaguing the region.

Instead, he highlighted the alarming ease with which young individuals are drawn into such criminal activities due to economic desperation.

“Surprisingly, with as little as ₦5,000, ₦2,000, or even ₦200, you can convince some of these youths to join this exercise, which brings about money,” Governor Radda emphasized, shedding light on the dire economic circumstances that lead to recruitment into banditry.

The governor expressed his concerns about banditry evolving into a lucrative business, involving not only criminal gangs known locally as bandits but also some government officials.

Governor Radda also expressed scepticism about the effectiveness of negotiations with bandits, given the complex dynamics among bandit groups.

Explaining the challenges of negotiating, he noted, “In Katsina, we have more than 100 different camps led by various individuals.

“Negotiating with a few does not guarantee peace as non-participating camps continue their criminal activities.

Radda firmly stated his stance against negotiating from a position of weakness, highlighting the difficulty in ensuring compliance even among the followers of bandit leaders.

“What I said is that I would never go into negotiations with any criminal at the point of weakness,” he declared, emphasizing the need for a strong position in dealing with such security challenges.