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Afghanistan Floods: Death Toll Rises To 70, More Than 50 Injured




Afghanistan is grappling with a devastating flood crisis that has escalated over the past week, with the National Disaster Authority reporting a significant rise in casualties.

Naija News reports that as of Wednesday, the confirmed death toll has reached 70, while injuries have climbed to 56, according to Mullah Janan Saeq, the spokesman for the national disaster authority.

The floods, resulting from continuous rainstorms and isolated snowfall affecting major parts of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, have wreaked havoc on communities, leading to widespread destruction.

“The death toll from the floods over the past six days has risen to 70 people while another 56 were injured,’’ Saeq reported.

This marks a sharp increase from initial figures released a few days earlier, which accounted for 33 deaths and 27 injuries.

Beyond the human toll, the floods have caused severe material damage, with more than 2,500 homes reported destroyed or damaged. Additionally, the agricultural sector has suffered significant losses, with over 2,000 livestock perishing in the adverse weather conditions.

The economic impact is expected to exacerbate the hardships faced by the already vulnerable populations in the region.

The meteorological directorate of Afghanistan has issued warnings of more rain expected over the next four days, raising concerns about the possibility of further flooding and the urgent need for effective disaster response and preparedness measures.

Authorities and humanitarian organizations are mobilizing to provide relief and support to affected communities, but the scale of the disaster poses substantial challenges.

The national and international response will be crucial in addressing the immediate needs of the displaced and injured and implementing long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts.