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Robbery Suspect Attacks Abuja Pregnant Woman With Wheel Spanner




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The Nigerian Police has successfully apprehended the leader of a notorious “one chance” robbery gang in Abuja, accused of a heinous attack on a pregnant woman that tragically resulted in the loss of her pregnancy.

Naija News reports that the incident, which has sparked widespread outrage, was confirmed by the Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, via his official X account this Sunday.

Detailing the brutal attack, Adejobi revealed that the suspect assaulted the victim with a wheel spanner, leading to a miscarriage.

“This is a ring leader of one chance robbery gang in Abuja. He used this wheel spanner to beat a pregnant woman (one chance victim) until she had a miscarriage. The woman had been waiting for a child for more than eight years,” Adejobi wrote.


The suspect, whose identity has not been disclosed pending further investigations, is reportedly undergoing trial for the incident and has been arrested for similar offences.

“This is wickedness. Anyway, he’s having a trial in the court and has been arrested for the same offense again,” Adejobi added.

The Nigerian Police are intensifying efforts to clamp down on these criminal activities to ensure the safety and security of all residents, particularly vulnerable populations.

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