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Four-Year-Old Boy Dies In Abuja School, Parents React




A tragic incident occurred at BrickHall Schools in the Cadastral Zone B11, Kaura, Abuja, when a four-year-old pupil, Miguel Ovoke, died during the school’s feeding hours on Wednesday.

The boy was pronounced dead upon arrival at Excel Specialist Hospital, following complications during lunch.

According to the death certificate issued on April 24, 2024, Miguel was brought into the hospital around 11 am by his teachers in an unconscious state.

The medical report from Excel Specialist Hospital detailed that the young boy had aspirated on meat while eating at school.


Upon examination, doctors noted that Miguel exhibited severe symptoms, including fixed and dilated pupils, unresponsive to light, absence of peripheral pulses, unrecordable blood pressure, and no signs of cardiopulmonary activity.

Dr. Akinwande Ajayi, who signed the medical report, indicated that despite exhaustive resuscitation efforts by the medical team, Miguel was ultimately declared “Brought in Dead.”

According to Punch, the sudden and distressing nature of the death has prompted Miguel’s parents to suspect foul play.


They have enlisted the services of lawyer Deji Adeyanju to pursue legal inquiries and actions regarding the circumstances of their son’s untimely demise.

“We are devastated and demand answers,” said Adeyanju, confirming his representation of the family.

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