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African Country Introduces HIV Prevention Injection That Lasts For Two Months




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Zimbabwe has introduced the revolutionary HIV prevention injection.

The injection is meant to prevent the recipient from contracting the disease for the next two months.

The drug identified as Injectable cabotegravir (CAB_LA) which is now available for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a cutting-edge biomedical intervention which offers a convenient and potent means of preventing HIV transmission among individuals at substantial risk.

Unlike the traditional daily regimen of pills required for PrEP, this injection is administered once every two months, providing a more practical and manageable option for those seeking protection against the virus.

Speaking on the development via X, Dr Misheck Ruwende, a renowned figure in the medical community said, “Good news! Zimbabwe had its first recipient of the HIV prevention injection today. A more convenient alternative to daily pills (PrEP). The injection is administered once in two months.”

Furthermore, the injection is not yet available at public hospitals and is currently accessible through Population Solutions for Health at New Start Centres.

The debut of CAB_LA has generated a wave of excitement and curiosity among the Zimbabwean populace.

Social media platforms are buzzing with discussions and opinions, with some users humorously comparing the injection to a ‘Depo’ shot, while others seek clarity on its availability, potential side effects, and the implications for treatment guidelines.

Although the HIV prevention injection is available for free, its availability is still very limited. It is not yet clear what specific criteria are being used to select individuals who receive the injection.