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Why Nollywood Marketers Banned Me – Rita Dominic Opens UP




Why Nollywood Marketers Banned Me – Rita Dominic Opens UP

Veteran Actress, Rita Dominic, has disclosed how Nollywood marketers banned her for wanting change.

She recounted how a group of influential marketers used their power to ban her from the movie industry.

Speaking with Ghana’s Joy 99.7 FM, she revealed that marketers, seen as the mini-gods of the Nollywood movie industry at the time, banned her from the business.

Dominic said: “Before I decided to become a producer and form our company, I was silently banned.


“I was banned from Nollywood silently by marketers because they were the mini-gods of Nollywood.

“They banned me because I was trying to do things differently, I just felt like it got to a point where if you want to acquire the services of an actor, it is best to talk to their management about it.

Meanwhile, reflecting on her early days, the actress mentioned receiving N10,000 for her first movie role.


The actress mentioned that Nollywood wasn’t lucrative when she started acting, but her passion for the craft kept her going.

Dominic said: “I just wanted to be an actor. And to be honest, there was no money in Nollywood back then. We were just doing it for passion. We have the passion for the art which was what fuelled us.

“It was very challenging. But we just kept doing it until the industry got bigger and bigger. And obviously, the pay became much better.


When asked about the lowest amount she has ever received for a movie role, she said: “The first film I did, the filmmaker paid me N35,000. But he owed me N25,000 for how many months. In fact, he didn’t even pay me the balance. He paid me only N10,000.

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