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How Can A Right Thinking Person Ask For N450,000 As Minimum Wage – Former NLC President Blasts Joe Ajaero




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A former National Vice President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Isa Tijjani, has said the president of the union, Joe Ajaero has deviated from his main job of protecting the rights of the citizens.

He claimed that Ajaero was trying to plunge the country into economic and political crisis using his excessive strike actions.

Tijjani, who spoke to newsmen in Kano on Saturday, insisted that the bargaining power of the union cannot always be at 100 per cent.

He argued that it was illogical for the union to demand an amount as high as N450,000 as the minimum wage.


He said, “The integrity of NLC today is at stake because they have deviated from their main jobs of protecting the collective rights of Nigerians while President Joe Ajaero is ill-equipped to continue as leader of the most prestigious Union in Nigeria”.

“But in the case of Joe Ajaero, even when the government is making frantic efforts to solve the issues raised by the NLC, he still insists on going on strike, or protest, clearly showing that he doesn’t mean well for this Country.

How can NLC ask for N450,000 minimum wage, which every right thinking person knows is practically impossible, how much a state is having and how much are they today spending as salaries and other wages, which of the Nigeria States or local government can pay such kind of minimum wage.”