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Akeredolu’s Wife Speaks On Marriage With Late Ondo Governor




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Betty Akeredolu, the widow of the late former Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, has shared the secret behind the longevity of their marriage, spanning over four decades.

In a heartfelt tribute to her husband, the former First Lady of Ondo revealed that effective communication played a pivotal role in sustaining their union despite their differences, particularly in matters of faith.

Betty Akeredolu highlighted that while her late husband was deeply religious, often wearing his faith as a badge of honor, she herself did not share the same religious fervor.

This divergence in their spiritual beliefs could have been a source of contention, yet, according to her, it was their ability to communicate effectively that bridged the gap and allowed their relationship to flourish.

The former First Lady openly acknowledged that her stance on religion was a point of frustration for her husband.

However, she expressed no regrets, emphasizing that through open dialogue and mutual understanding, they were able to navigate their differences successfully.

She said, “You came to terms with my position on religion and respected my choice of pragmatism. And a peaceful home we built by respecting each other’s idiosyncrasies, supporting each other’s career pathways, and loving each other at the same time. That you were courageous and fearless is now like a radio jingle on the lips of all and sundry.

“As a partner, you were kind and playful but annoying sometimes with your jokes which became- normal over the years given that trying to change you from cracking expensive jokes was an exercise in futility.

“During our early years of marriage when we started from scratch, you made sure we didn’t lack. You took care of me and the children. With time, you became the best husband, dad, and grandpa, a wife, child or grandchild would wish for.

“We were soul mates. If there is anything like another life, I will marry you.”

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