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Those Who Couldn’t Get Into Power Are Bent On Plunging Nigeria Into Anarchy – Shettima




Vice President Kashim Shettima has claimed that some forces in the country are planning to disrupt the country’s stability and plunge it into anarchy.

Shettima made the claim on Tuesday while speaking at the Public Wealth Management Conference organized by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance Incorporated (MoFI) in Abuja.

According to the vice president, these certain forces failed to attain power through legitimate means and are willing to see Nigeria fall apart for their interests.

He, therefore, believes that the time has come for Nigerians to come together and work towards a better future for their country.

He said: “We know the consequences of unveiling the masquerade. Forces are hell-bent on plunging this country into a state of anarchy, those that could not get into power through the ballot box. Instead of waiting for 2027, they are so desperate; that this country can fall apart as far as they are concerned. But we are going to visit them.

“Just a few nights ago, 45 trucks of maize were caught being transported into a neighbouring country. There are 32 illegal routes on that axis. At the moment when they were intercepted, the price of maize fell by N10,000, from N60,000 to N50,000. So there are forces that are hell bent on undermining our nation but this is the time for us to come together.”

Shettima stressed the importance of unity during these challenging times and called on citizens to support the President and the governors.

He said: “Let us rally around our President, rally round our governors, and rally round each other.

“We have the resources, we have the intellect, and we have the resources. I am assuring you that we have crossed the Rubicon.

Shettima also highlighted the resilience of Nigeria and Nigerians, emphasizing that despite the efforts of these disruptive forces, the country will overcome any storm.

He acknowledged that Nigeria faces economic challenges, particularly in the foreign exchange sector, but assured the public that the government is committed to addressing these issues.

Shettima stated that steps are already being taken to improve economic performance.

We are not altogether in a very bad shape than the FX challenge. All hands are on deck to address the FX challenge,” he said.

Ige Olugbenga is a fine-grained journalist. He loves the smell of a good lead and has a penchant for finding out something nobody else knows.