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The Average Cost Of Healthy Diet In Nigeria Stood At N786 In December – NBS Report Reveals




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A nutritious diet costs, on average, N786 in December 2023, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

Measuring both physical and financial availability to healthy meals, the CoHD is an indicator that indicates the least priced combination of locally available foods that match internationally consistent food-based dietary standards.

Naija News reports that in a statement made public on Wednesday, the NBS Statistician-General and Chief Executive Officer, Adeyemi Adeniran, explained that CoHD is a lower bound of the cost per adult per day excluding the cost of transportation and meal preparation.

According to the statement, “the National Average Cost of a Healthy Diet was N786″ in December 2023.”

The report detailed that in December, “the average CoHD was highest in the South West at N979 per adult per day, compared to N663 per adult per day in the North West.”

“At N920 per adult per day, the South East had the highest average CoHD, compared to N616 per adult per day in the North East,” according to data for November 2023.

The data further detailed that the average CoHD in October 2023 was N703, with the South East having the highest average CoHD at N918 per adult per day, while the North East had the lowest average at N605 per adult per day.