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You Don’t Have To Bring Cash To The Table — Alibaba Tells Women




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Renowned Nigerian comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, popularly known as Alibaba, has emphasized that women’s contributions should not be confined to financial aspects.

In an interview on the Honest Bunch Podcast, Alibaba elaborated on the diverse qualities women can contribute, such as respect, understanding, and valuable connections.

The comedian advised that prioritizing money should not be the sole focus when recognizing the qualities women offer in relationships. He encouraged women not to feel upset if their partners inquire about the various ways they contribute to the relationship.

What you bring to the table doesn’t have to be cash. Sometimes, it is Understanding, respect, and money management.

Naija News reported that the veteran Nigerian comedian cum actor, Alibaba, recounted how his father kept malice with him for a decade for choosing comedy over law.

Alibaba recalled leaving the university to inform his father about his intention to become a comedian and how his reaction forced him to abscond from home.

Alibaba revealed that his motivation to become a successful comedian stemmed from a desire to prove his father wrong.

Alibaba said, “My Dad is a bookworm. He got his PhD at 86. I told him, I said, ‘Daddy, I came from school to tell you something.’ He said, ‘Okay, have you been rusticated?’ I said, ‘No. I’ve decided that I don’t want to read law. I want to do comedy.’

“He asked, ‘Comedy like what?’ I said, ‘Like cracking jokes.’ He laughed and asked my younger brother to call my uncle, who lived close by. When my uncle came, he asked what the matter was, and I said I didn’t want to read law again and that I wanted to do comedy. He said that means I’ve found another father, stressing that I can’t be part of the family and won’t read law. He said all the money my Dad spent on me was wasted. He told my Dad to handle the situation and left.

“I knew I couldn’t sleep in that house because my Dad would beat me. So, as my uncle was going out, I followed him to lock the burglary, and I didn’t go back in. My Dad and I didn’t talk from 1988 to 1998. Ten years. I tried to reach out to him. I went one time to talk to him but he didn’t want to see me.

“This was the thing. So people ask, ‘Where did you get the inspiration to become a great comedian?’ I was committed. I was like, I want to prove him [my Dad] wrong.