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NDLEA Apprehends Three Blind Drug Syndicate Members In Lagos And Kano



NDLEA Apprehends 3 Blind Drug Syndicate Members In Lagos And Kano, Recovers N13 Billion Worth Of Tramadol And Codeine

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) operatives have arrested three visually impaired individuals involved in an illicit drug operation spanning Lagos and Kano while also confiscating N13 billion worth of Tramadol and Codeine.

Speaking on behalf of the NDLEA, Femi Babafemi stated that another blind member of the syndicate is still at large. He also said that the group’s lid was blown off when Adamu Hassan, 40, a blind suspect, was apprehended on Saturday, October 28, while traveling from Lagos to Kano and carrying 12 kg of skunk.

He said, “Investigations, however, established that he was totally oblivious of the content of the bag handed to him to deliver in Kano. Follow-up operations then led to the arrest of the arrowhead of the syndicate, Bello Abubakar, 45, who is also blind.

“In his statement, Bello, who is married with five children, said he has been living in Lagos for 30 years but started the illicit drug business five years ago.

Another individual, Muktar Abubakar, aged 59, who is also visually impaired, has resided in Lagos for four decades and is married to three wives with 14 children.

The NDLEA disclosed that both Muktar Abubakar and Bello Abubakar were co-owners of the operation. Meanwhile, the third suspect, 25-year-old Akilu Amadu, who is also visually impaired, actively contributed funds to the illicit trade and was responsible for delivering the consignment to Adamu at the motor park in Lagos for onward transportation to Kano.