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What I Did After I Caught An Immigration Officer Watching BBNaija Instead Of Attending To Foreigners On Queue – Minister



The Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo has revealed how he caught a Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) official watching Big Brother Naija reality TV show while on duty.

Tunji-Ojo said that the immigration officer was busy watching the reality TV show instead of screening foreign passengers at an undisclosed airport.

The Minister disclosed this on Wednesday during an interview on Human Rights Radio, popularly known as ‘Brekete Family’

According to the minister, he caught the officer while he was arriving in the country from a foreign trip.

The unnamed officer was said to be watching the reality TV show instead of attending to passengers seeking visas on arrival to the country.

Tunji-Ojo explained that after he caught the officer, he ordered him to leave his duty post.

He insisted that there was a need for better service and efficiency in NIS operations, especially in dealing with foreign visitors who are capable of bringing economic benefits to the country.

The Minister subsequently called for collaboration among stakeholders to improve the image of the country in the international community, admitting that it is difficult for one individual to bring the desired change.

He said, “Anybody that’s entering Nigeria, the way our people will talk to you is no longer like before. Just two weeks ago I came in from Italy, and as I was coming out, they came and welcomed me and wanted to carry my bag but I said no.

“I told them not to call their colleagues and that they should return to their duty post where they call for a visa on arrival. The plan that President Tinubu has, if all of us join hands, this country will be better.

“One person cannot bring change, all of us must change Nigeria. So, when I got there to see what they’re doing, because they didn’t know I was coming, I saw people waiting in the queue, people that wanted to collect visas, and foreigners that wanted to enter Nigeria were not being attended to.

“I walked to the place because I appeared casual and I didn’t go with any convoy escorts. When I got there, I looked at the computer, the officer was supposed to give people visas, what I saw was Big Brother Naija. Immediately, I told the officer to leave, since you like the air conditioner at the airport, they will redeploy you to another place.

“I know what the president tasked the ministers with. He said we must be briefing him on everything we are doing and how we achieve them because he wants the country to be better. How do you explain keeping foreigners that brought money to spend in our country? You kept them waiting while you watched BBNaija with the computer the government bought for you to do its work.”