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FIFA Announces Payout For Women Footballers Ahead Of 2023 World Cup




The world football governing body, FIFA, has said every player in the forthcoming 2023 Women’s World Cup will earn at least $30,000, with the winning team taking home $270,000 each.

Over the years, women footballers are dissatisfied with how much they earn during tournaments, particularly when compared to what their male counterparts earn, hence, FIFA has been making efforts to close the gap.

In the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup which will be held in Australia and New Zealand from July 20, each player from the 32 countries that will participate in the tournament are guaranteed at least $30,000 which is a record payout in the history of the tournament.

As teams move further in the competition, which is scheduled to end on August 20, the payout for each player is expected to increase.

FIFA estimates that the average club wage for female football players is $14,000, which is significantly less than what men players make.

However, this budgeted payout for the women footballers is said to be three times more than the payout during the Women’s World Cup in France four years ago.

According to the international players’ Association, FIFPro, FIFA had “listened to the voice of the players” for increasing the payout of women’s footballers ahead of the World Cup.

“We have taken steps towards greater gender equity in our game at its highest levels,” FIFPro said.

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“The legacy of this action is by the players, for the players, of both today and tomorrow.”

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