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Goodluck Jonathan Explains Why He Conceded Defeat To Buhari In 2015




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Former President, Goodluck Jonathan has shed light on why he graciously conceded defeat after losing the 2015 presidential election to President Muhammadu Buhari.

In an interview with Arise Television on Monday, Jonathan expressed his prioritization of Nigeria’s well-being over personal ambitions as the driving force behind his decision.

Jonathan emphasized that the circumstances surrounding Buhari handing over to President-elect, Bola Tinubu are different from his own experience.

During his tenure, Jonathan handed over power to a different political party, which presented unique challenges.

Jonathan candidly shared that during his time, some senior officers expressed concerns about potential mistreatment by the incoming government, worrying that they might be unfairly thrown into jail without proper due process.

However, despite these apprehensions, Jonathan made the decision to concede defeat because his primary focus was on the well-being of the country.

In his own words, Jonathan stated, “The situation now is different from my time. Buhari is handing over to his own party, unlike my time when I handed over to another time.

“During my time, some of the most senior officers were afraid if the next government would throw all of us into jail without fair hearing.

“By this time, I had already conceded defeat, and this was because I was more interested in the country than my self.”

Through his selfless act, Jonathan set a precedent for statesmanship and contributed to the democratic principles of Nigeria.

His concession remains a significant moment in the nation’s history, showcasing the strength of democracy and the power of leadership driven by a genuine commitment to the well-being of the country.

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