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2023 Election

“We Will Win All The ‘Winnable’ And Make Some Sacrifices Where Necessary” – APC National Chairman Speaks On 2023 Governorship Election




"We Will Win All The ‘Winnable’ And Make Some Sacrifices Where Necessary" - APC National Chairman Speaks On 2023 Governorship Election

The National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Abdullahi Adamu has boasted that his party would record outstanding victory in the forthcoming governorship and state assembly elections.

Adamu who spoke on Thursday at the APC National Secretariat in Abuja expressed confidence that his party would record impressive wins in the March 11 elections just as it won the February 25th presidential election.

The APC chairman said the victory of the party’s presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu in last Saturday’s election is a confirmation of the people’s choice.

He added that the APC victory is a triumph of democracy in Nigeria.

Ahead of the governorship elections, Adamu said while the APC may not win all the states in the forthcoming governorship polls because it is not a greedy party, he is sure the party will win all the ‘winnable’ and make some sacrifices in the interest of democracy.

“By the grace of God, just as we won the presidency we’re going to win. I wouldn’t say all (the states) because APC is not a greedy party. We will win all the ‘winnable’ and will make some sacrifices where necessary so that democracy can flourish,” he said.

We Have Learnt Our Lessons

When reminded that the APC failed to win some stronghold states in Saturday’s presidential election, Adamu said ordinarily the party would have wished it won them all but what happened is simply a lesson in democracy.

Adamu stressed that the APC is grateful to God that it could win enough to clinch the presidency.

He however added that the APC has taken necessary steps to ensure the party records success in the governorship elections.

The APC National Chairman then used the opportunity to call on candidates and parties that lost out in the presidential election to accept the results in good faith and join hands with the winner to move Nigeria forward.

“We have learned some basic lessons on what has happened, but we appreciate the fact that we cannot win some states of the Federation that ordinarily, we would have wished we won them.

” The fact that we lost them, or God gave us the ones that he blessed to deliver Mr President to the APC we are more than grateful to Almighty God. We will do what we need to do and will not hesitate to do what we must do to ensure success in the governorship and House of Assembly elections.

” It’s the nature of things, you win some you lose some and the fact that we lost some major states, like Lagos, Kano, Katsina and even Nassarawa, Kaduna, you cannot be talking about democracy about the evenness of representation at the same time looking for you must win everything.

“The fact that we lost this place and we didn’t shed tears. We did not cry foul, make us the real political party in this country.

“What moral justification is there for a party that won Lagos and felt it was a good game? And loses at a place like Ekiti and they said the game is a bad one, it doesn’t make sense.

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“With the strategic position of Lagos, strategic in terms of location, population in terms of economy in terms of political history and prestige, we lost and we didn’t run the street crying but what’s important is we got what we want, we got the presidency. They are gnashing their teeth, you can all see, its shows the level of immaturity, selfishness and lack of sense of judgment,” Adamu said.