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Adama Garba Under ‘Attack’ Over Photoshopped Picture


The chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and former Presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba, is currently being dragged online over a photoshopped picture.

Naija News reports that Garba infuriated some Nigerians online when he posted a now-deleted photoshopped picture of himself wearing a cap which is worn by Catholic bishops and abbots.

The APC chieftain had earlier released some pictures showing his attendance at the unveiling of Kashim Shettima as the APC vice presidential candidate.

However, one of the pictures was photoshopped with the former presidential aspirant sharing the picture online on Wednesday night.

Following the development, some netizens took to the micro-blogging platform Twitter to express their reactions on the matter.

Below are some of the reactions online.

@Letter_to_Jack wrote: “30 churches were burned and more than 17 people were k1lled in Maiduguri when Muslims protested because a man in Denmark drew a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad.

“People like Adamu Garba can make and reshare jokes like this because???”

@mayowacrown wrote: “Let someone talk now, their brothers will be jumping about changing your tweet, asking: must he do what you want and add laugh emoji. Like wetin cause laugh. Try with them and you see them running about.

“This Adamu Garba is the most stupid & disrespectful of them all.”

@DiceyPrince_ wrote: “I’m old enough to remember when a blasphemous cartoon in faraway Denmark caused the killing of Christians living in the north in their hundreds.

“I don’t blame Adamu Garba. If CAN was a responsible body people will think twice before doing crap like that.”

@MsVotie wrote: “See ehn, let us thank God for salvation. Let’s thank God that the curtain was torn open and we now have direct access to our father in heaven.

“Cos imagine if we still needed Priests to intercede on our behalf, then APC and Adamu Garba did that nonsense yesterday. The disrespect!”

@Najitey_ wrote: “Adamu Garba shit on Christians yesterday, he mocked us in a sinister way because he knows that there will be no repercussions for his actions, Deborah was killed for less, God rest her soul.”

@Nkemchor_ wrote: “Adamu Garba’s statement when Deborah was lynched in Sokoto Vs. His statement when Fake Bishops were employed to mock the Christian faith. Let’s be wise!

@IdongesitUduehe wrote: “These people are trying to agitate Christians and cause more religious crises in Nigeria. Just look at Adamu Garba’s clownery. They know exactly what they’re doing tbh.