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Texas Shooting: 19 Primary School Pupils Killed In Robb Elementary School Attack



The shooting spree at the Robb Elementary School, Uvalde in Texas on Tuesday reportedly claimed the lives of no fewer than nineteen children.

Naija News understands that a male teenager was responsible for the mass shooting which has caused unrest in Uvalde.

Also, two adults were counted dead in the attack which happened in the U.S region.

Reports confirmed that the 18-year-old gunman died at the scene. Though there were claims earlier that the suspect was in custody, officials who spoke with journalists, however, affirmed that he was killed.

Speaking on the sad incident on Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott told reporters at a press conference that “The shooter was an 18-year-old male who resided in Uvalde. It is believed that he abandoned his vehicle and entered the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde with a handgun and he may have also had a rifle, but that is not yet confirmed.”

Mr Abbott further narrated that the young man “shot and killed horrifically, incomprehensibly –14 (now 19) students and killed one teacher (now two adults).”

The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District (UCISD) announced in a tweet that all district and campus activities, after-school programmes, and events are cancelled following the attack.

The elementary school shooting is the 212th mass shooting the U.S. has witnessed since the year began, Naija News understands.

The above data was affirmed by the Gun Violence Archive, an organisation that groups mass shootings if four or more people were killed or injured.

Meanwhile, the U.S.Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had reported an increase of almost 35 per cent in firearm killings, noting 19,350 instances in 2020.