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Ignorant Garba Shehu Begging World Leaders To Declare Us Terrorists – IPOB



Buhari Govt Sends 'Strong' Warning To US, UK, EU Over Onnoghen

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has accused the spokesperson of President Muhammadu Buhari, Garba Shehu, of begging western countries to proscribe the group.

In a statement by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful, IPOB accused the federal government of declaring bandits as terrorists so as to get the pro-Biafra group outlawed globally.

While stating that the international community does not need to be told who to declare as terrorists, IPOB warned Garba Shehu to stop his campaign of calumny against the group.

Powerful added that the presidential spokesperson is displaying his annoying ignorance and by calling the international community to tag IPOB as terror group.

We understand that Garba Shehu has been going around the world lobbying and begging them to declare IPOB terrorists group. But unfortunately for him, the world do not need to be told who terrorists are because they already know them,” IPOB statement read.

Garba Shehu has been messing himself and APC administration around the world thinking that the Western world doesn’t know what IPOB stands for since the formation of this great movement. The world knows that IPOB is for freedom of Biafra. Fulani terror groups have razed many communities in Nigeria today without your government challenging them. Fulani have been to the masterminds of every terrorist groups terrorising Nigeria today.

“IPOB operates in over 100 different counties and they know what IPOB stands for. None of those countries has ever declared us terrorists. Garba Shehu’s cry cannot change their conviction about IPOB. This crocodile cry is showing the world how complicit Garba Shehu and his government are towards the plights of the citizens in this hell called Nigeria.

“Garba Shehu and his co-travellers declared bandits terror groups to deceive the Western world so they can declare IPOB terrorist organisation. Unfortunately the Western world knows them and how they were sponsoring fulani terrorists to destroy many villages and communities and rename them Fulani name communities.

“Garba Shehu should instead of move up and down to lobby for the declaration of IPOB as terror group, call Western powers to help organise referendum for indigenous peoples in Nigeria to decide where they want to be – whether in Nigeria or stand on their own. He should stop making jest of himself and Fulani people and his brother Buhari government because the Western world know them than they know themselves, the truth must set Biafra free because the civilised countries know cause of numerous deaths in Nigeria.”

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