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Wife Of Man Who Murdered Son For Rituals With The Help Of Blind Pastor Speaks Up



The wife of the man who murdered his 7-year-old For rituals with the help of the pastor has given an account of the incident.

Recall that Naija News earlier reported that 36-year-old Chidi Onyishi was arrested in Enugu state for allegedly murdering his 7-year-old son for rituals.

In a new development, Onyishi’s wife who is a mother of six has shared her account of the story with BBC Igbo.

She revealed how she got home and found her son who is the third child missing.

The lady explained that she found this quite strange as her children always listened to instructions and stayed put.

She proceeded to ask her neighbors if they knew the whereabouts of the 7-year-old but they replied they did not.

Mrs. Oyishi said she decided to call her husband and inform him of the situation but he refused to pick his call. After a while, he picked and said he did not know where the boy was.

Onyishi later returned home but still maintained that he had no idea where their son was.

The mother of six went ahead to explain how she became frantic and began to move from prayer house to prayer house for help in locating the child.

She kept questioning her husband on her son’s whereabouts but he threatened to beat her up if she continued with the interrogation.

Days after the boy went missing, Mrs. Onyishi stated that her husband was sleeping after having his meal when a man in their area came to their home and asked to see her husband.

She woke him up and informed him he had a visitor, both men went outside to discuss.

The lady said she began to hear noise and when she went outside she saw a crowd with the police and they alleged that he killed their son and used him for rituals.