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Lady Narrates How Her Niece Fiancé Planned To Use Her For Rituals



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A Nigerian lady, Chinwe Lilian Okafor has revealed how her niece’s fiancé almost used her for ritual purposes.

According to a post share by Okafor on Facebook, her niece fiance had picked her up on Christmas day to go and see his parents in the village. However, while they were on the journey he took a route that was narrow and lonely.

When her niece complained about the road they were taking he asked her to remain calm that he diverted because his parents were not at home and he wanted to pay a visit to some friends.

When they got to a point, he stopped to make a call, she heard his conversation and decided to run but he stopped her and seized her phone and handbag. He locked her in the car and drove her to a shrine.

‘’They got to a point, he stopped and started making som seee funny calls.. My niece over heard his conversation and tried to escape, he caught her, seized her phone and handbag then locked her inside the vehicle until they got to a shrine.”

When they got to the shrine she met other ladies who were tied up but she was left untied.

She further stated that her niece escaped when the men holding them hostage stepped out to have a conversation.


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