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Stanley Okoro Was Poisoned At Movie Location – Family Alleges



The family of Nollywood actor, Stanley Okoro, has alleged that the fast-rising actor was poisoned by colleagues.

Naija News had earlier reported that Okoro died on Wednesday due to a suspected case of food poisoning.

The family of the actor claimed that he was poisoned after successfully completing a movie shoot in a hotel in the Maryland area of Enugu State.

It was disclosed that he moved to another movie shoot in Asaba in Delta State, but unlike him, no pictures were taken to know those he was on set with.

The family noted that they don’t know if he had problems with anybody that would want him dead.

The family further stated that Okoro’s only problem was his obsession with food.

A cousin of the actor, Okoro Nneka Loveth, who spoke to Daily Post on Thursday, said the late actor loved people and carried everyone along.

She said, “Stanley happens to be my Cousin. A very close Cousin. Stanley was poisoned. And the person that poisoned him was among the people on set with him as of last week.”

“Usually, whenever he came to Enugu, he’d either call me for food or call one of our Cousins to get him food. Stanley liked the food a lot. He ate a lot.”

“So whenever he asked me for food, (usually I’m very busy) I’d send a Keke (tricycle) driver to go and deliver it. I have one Hausa Keke driver that usually did that for me or I’d go myself or my other Cousin would go herself or send one of her girls.”

“But this last time, he came, we only talked on the phone. They were in Enugu for a movie shoot. Their location was in Maryland, Enugu. Thereafter, he left for Asaba for another one.”

“So after the movie shoot, he went back. He apologised that this time, he could not meet with us but that he’d be coming back the next week. Stanley left Enugu four days ago to Asaba and said he’d be coming back next week that they have another movie to shoot.”

“He lived in Owerri(Imo State) but this poisoning could have happened in Enugu or Asaba. Immediately he got back to Owerri, the thing started happening to him as if he had a stroke and he started vomiting. He was vomiting black liquid. A native doctor invited even disclosed he was poisoned. Stanley was walking to the toilet when he shouted for help over a burning chest and collapsed.”

“They rushed him to a hospital and on getting to the hospital Stanley gave up. So the person used a fast poison. Maybe as they rounded up shooting and decided to eat, the person just took advantage.”

“Throughout yesterday, we did not sleep. Stanley did not deserve to die. That guy was nice and carried everybody along. Everyone in my village is crying. He was so down to earth. The only problem he had was that he liked the food a lot. He ate too much.”

“He was not married but may have been in a serious relationship. He wasn’t even up to 30 years  I can’t tell if he was having problems with anybody [that would want him dead]. He didn’t tell me of anyone.”

“Stanley lived his life like a Hausa man, he wouldn’t even take note when someone is angry with him.”

“Currently, Stanley is in the mortuary and for now we don’t know what to do. He was around 27 years of age.”

Loveth further stated that the family has started deliberating on his burial arrangement, adding that the actor would likely be buried on August 26.

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