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VIDEO: Why I Shunned Obi Cubana’s Mother’s Burial – Bobrisky



Bobrisky Mocks Girls 'Hustling' To Enter Obi Cubana's House Vide

Popular cross-dresser Bobrisky has given reasons why he was missing at the funeral of the mother of billionaire club owner Obi Iyiegbu alias Obi Cubana.

Naija News had reported the lavish display of wealth in Oba last Friday Obi Cubana buried his mother was in grand style.

Obi Cubana, who reportedly lost his mother in December 2020, laid her to rest on July 16th 2021 in Oba, Anambra state.

The funeral’s preparations caught the attention of many after the club owner received 246 cows from his friends. 

Obi Cubana also bought a diamond chain and pendant from a popular jeweller, Efobi Stephen, which had his late mother’s face engraved on it. 

The burial was undoubtedly the biggest event in Nigeria last weekend, due to its many socialites, business icons, politicians, top government functionaries and politicians who gather at Oba in Anambra state to support the businessman.

Speaking on why he was not at the party, Bobrisky said he does not belong to the circle of those at the ceremony.

He stated that people are questioning his absence at Oba because they are oblivious of his actual worth.

Bobrisky also insinuated that he is above the level of people who showed up at Obi Cubana’s mum’s burial in Oba.

In a viral video, Bobrisky was seen throwing so many bundles of N1,000 notes on the floor of his hotel room saying: “You people don’t know your mates. You don’t know how much I worth. It’s paining me. Ha!!! Olohun!

“Some are saying Bobrisky you no go Oba, Oba me?”

See the video below: