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President Deby’s Death, Insecurity in Chad Will Affect Nigeria — Adeyanju


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Human rights activist and convener of Concerned Nigerians, Deji Adeyanju, on Tuesday warned that the death of the President of Chad, Idriss Deby and the security issues in the country will affect Nigeria.

The Chad Army announced the death of Deby on Tuesday after sustaining injuries while fighting with the country’s troops against the rebels who advanced towards the state capital, Ndjamena.

Deby was killed a few days after he was re-elected for the sixth term in office.

Adeyanju called on political leaders in the country to have a deep thought about President Deby’s death.


According to him, the insecurity in Chad will end up affecting Nigeria and its sub-region if not tackled.

The activist in a post on Twitter wrote, “Chad’s President, Idriss Deby has been shot dead in the frontlines in a battle with rebels. He had ruled the country since 1990 and just won a 6th term. May God have mercy on his soul. He was very courageous.”

“Insecurity in Chad will seriously affect Nigeria. Declared winner on Monday, died Tuesday. Nigerian leaders, think. We must all condemn what is happening in Chad as the rebel forces advance on the capital because insecurity in Chad will seriously affect Nigeria and the sub-region. RIP to Idriss Deby.”