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Utilise #EndSARS Protest To Effect Change In 2023 – Sam Adeyemi


Sam Adeyemi, senior pastor DayStar Christian Centre, has called on Nigerian youths to use the #EndSARS protest to change the political framework in the country come 2023.

He made the call while speaking during a webinar titled ‘Footprints: Journey to #NigeriaAt100’ organised by a non-profit organisation, Enough Is Enough (EiE) Nigeria on Friday.

strategic leadership expert and senior pastor, DayStar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi has admonished Nigerian youths to utilise the #EndSARS protests to influence the political framework of the country.

Speaking at the event, Pastor Adeyemi urged youths in the country to move from demonstrating on the streets to strategic plans of nation-building.

“The short term objective is an advocacy and letting people know of your movement in your local communities, just as you go on the streets to protests, but this one will be in your communities,” Adeyemi said.

“Have organising skills. Organise town hall meetings that will be global; that is the power you have with your technology. Remember the #EndSARS protests started on your media platforms. This will help in changing some issues like electoral reforms.

“The middle term objective is to influence the political process through involvement and engagement in the policy. Nigeria’s problems are myriad. You can solve them when you have visionary leaders making the laws. That’s why you have to go there to change the laws in the legislative arm of the government.

“The long term objective is to transform Nigeria into a developed economy. The African leadership structure is monarchical, where the leader thinks is a king and others are subjects. So, you are going to change this. The idea of the developed world is that everybody is equal and creates the environment for all to deploy their potential.

“When you are powerful and don’t know it, people will negotiate with you to their own advantage. So, every citizen is powerful. Provide the leadership to Nigeria now! Reject the fact that youths are leaders of tomorrow. It’s a deception. I am expecting some major shifts in 2023. New Nigeria is possible.”