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We Need To Make Nigeria Work Urgently – Sam Adeyemi Warns Elites




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The Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Center, Sam Adeyemi, has urged the elites in Nigeria to make sure they get the country to work.

The clergyman insisted that it is paramount for older generations, including the political and religious leaders, to retrace their steps and get the country working because the younger generation would soon begin asking questions.

Adeyemi stated this during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Tuesday.

The cleric warned that it would be tougher to lead the younger generation if the needed development is not in place.

He also said Nigerians must agree on where the country should go and the destination in achieving the desired change and development.

According to him, “The elite class – those of us who belong to this class – need to begin to discuss among ourselves and honestly, we need to act with urgency and I need to plead with those of us in the elite class and I am talking about everyone who has been able to walk their way to the top and fairly comfortable and I am talking about people of the highest level in the political class at the National Assembly, the governors, state house assembly and so on. I am talking of those of us in the business sector and those who are heads of religious institution

“It will be in our self-interest to get Nigeria to work now because the younger generation is more enlightened and have access to more information and they are not going to keep silent for long. It will get rougher and rougher to lead because they will demand accountability and good leadership.

“Secondly, the level of suffering is increasing exponentially. So, we don’t need to sit down until the country runs into crisis and many things can create a serious crisis for us as a nation and when we watch and maybe war breaks out in the country, the elite class is the first to take flight and run away but then everything you’ve been building can go off in smoke.

“We need to act in urgency and to pull together and push for a discussion to ask ourselves where is Nigeria going to; what value will get us there; what system of government and what structure will take us there.”