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FLASHBACK: 4 Reasons Buhari Gave Nigerians To Vote Out PDP In 2015 (Video)



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The four reasons President Muhammadu Buhari gave Nigerians on why the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) the then ruling party must be voted out of power in 2015 has resurfaced.

Naija News reports that before the 2015 election, Muhammadu Buhari campaigned against the PDP with four key reasons the then ruling party should be voted out. Buhari was the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the campaign.

Buhari had listed four reasons Nigerians should vote PDP out. In one of his campaigns for the 2015 Presidential election, President  Buhari had said PDP should be voted out of people because Nigeria under then-President Goodluck Jonathan was insecure.

The then Presidential candidate of the APC had said  Nigeria was heading into bankruptcy  mainly because of corruption and incompetence

Speaking further, President Buhari had said the reason his party was contesting the 2015 Presidential Election was to “make sure that it stabilizes system of multi-parties democracy system by voting the PDP out.

Below are the statements made by Mr Buhari during the campaign before he emerged the winner of 2015 Presidential Election…

1. This country is insecure

2. This country is getting into bankrupt.

3. It is mainly because of corruption and incompetence

4. What APC is out is to make sure that it stabilizes the system of multi-parties democracy system by voting the PDP out.

Meanwhile, despite President Buhari’s obvious statements, Nigeria’s security problems have `continued to escalate, raising doubts if President Buhari would be able to fix Nigeria before his tenure expires.

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