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Illegal Importation: FG Urged To Probe SON, Customs Over Alleged Irregularities



The Federal Government has been urged to urgently engage the Standard Organization of Nigeria, (SON) to defend the many allegations against it by the manufacturers in a bid to save the nation from economic collapse. A group under the aegis of Social Integrity Network, (SIN) stated this at a peaceful rally held in Kaduna on Tuesday stating that SON should give detail accounts of how substandard roofing sheets are finding their ways into the Nigerian markets despite the MANCAP and SONCAP fees imposed on importers and exporters. Spokesman of the group, Mr. Ibrahim Issa, in his address said: “Nigeria Custom Service and the Standard Organization of Nigeria cannot fish out the Smugglers, the Federal Government of Nigeria should command the Department of State, Nigeria Police and the Presidential Committee on Trade Malpractices to join hands together to deploy the machinery in their arsenals to move into the matter and detect those behind the menace of smuggling in Nigeria.”

According to him, “We are all gathered here today to carry out a peaceful demonstration to express our dissatisfaction against irregularities that is affecting our industries in Nigeria. Save our souls, save the souls of the masses, save the efforts of our local manufacturers. “It is our desire to swiftly respond against the looming crises of economic sabotage which is posing a serious threat to the means of livelihood of average Nigerians. It would be recalled that recently, we all woke up to a widely spread news reports by a group under the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, (MAN). i.e Galvanised Iron and Steel Manufacturers Association, (GISMA) with the alert of planning to lay off 20,000 workforces into the labour market.” The group further stressed that “The 30 days warning alert was given due to the collapse of some sectors of Nigeria economy precipitated by massive smuggling of substandard products into Nigeria, targeted at collapsing the local manufacturers. “However, our investigation has revealed that smuggled substandard steel products have flooded every nooks and cranny of Nigeria thereby subjecting local manufacturers to serious economic and social investment misfortune.”


Source: Naija News