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Proscription Of IMN: MASSOB Reveals What May Happen To Nigeria



Suspected IPOB Members Attack Police Station, Kill Two In Aba

Following the recent proscription of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, the leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra has warned President Muhammadu Buhari to be ready for violence.

The movement in its reaction warned that the Buhari government should be ready to face massive violence.

The group in a statement through its leader, Comrade Uchenna Madu accused President Buhari of protecting the Fulani herdsmen killing people in the country.

The Biafra group warned that Nigeria may soon explode beyond repair.

“Since President Buhari is keeping mum on the terrorist and genocidal activities of Miyetti Allah and murderous Fulani herdsmen and also treating them with kid’s glove because he is their kinsmen and life patron of MACBAN, MASSOB wishes to inform the citizens that Nigeria will soon explode beyond repair.”

“This ill wind that blows nobody good, with the ticking time bomb Nigeria is comfortably sitting on, will soon explode to irreparable damage.”

“Though MASSOB is a non violence pro-Biafra movement that may not engage in violence revolution, we want to remind the citizens that the blood of the dogs and baboon will soon flow in the streets of Abuja which even the elites will never escape the resultant effects.”

“IPOB and IMN, [Shi’ite Muslims] are not terrorist organization as proscribed by President Buhari; this latest attitude of President Muhammed Buhari has eloquently shown how desirous he planned to convert the Nigeria state into an Islamic caliphate under the total control of Fulani ethnic group.”

“Proscription of IPOB and IMN is a clarion call for collaborative actions and harmonization among the pressure and ethnic based groups of Southern, Western and Middle Beltan regions of Nigeria in defence of their respectively regions.”