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SDP Speaks On NBS Report On Nigeria’s Foreign Debt, Debtor States


The governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party in Cross River State, Eyo Ekpo, while reacting to the debt acquired by some states in Nigeria stated that such is not wrong in as much it is properly invested.

The SDP candidate stated this while speaking with NAN on Friday in Calabar in his reaction to Nigeria Bureau of Statistics report on the state’s external debt.

Ekpo stated that the proper used of funds was key to debt repayment, while creating many opportunity for the state.

In his statement he claimed that a state can derive income from its investments and taxes, he, however, stated that the state Government is not managing its debt properly.

“Debt in itself is not the killer, the killer is when you do not manage your debt and when you do not make efforts to repay it.”

“I have not heard that the state government is dedicating any part of its revenue however small as it is to repaying debts.”

“All l see is that we are taking up more and more liabilities without creating streams which will allow our debts to be repaid,” he said.

He stated that the Governor of the state, Ben Ayade has not reached out to any candidates of the opposition parties nor invited him for any meeting although he had offered his manifesto and execution plan to the state government.

“I heard all the nice words from the press, however, no government runs in the media.”

“I have already offered to the governor, my manifesto openly and not just the manifesto, but also the execution plan which are the programmes to put in place to get the objectives achieved.”

“The document is an extensive research done in 2017 between May and August, it took a whole lot of resources and personnel to put up this document.”

“He should look at that document and stop going around saying l want to work with others which l think is just a hype.”

“He is the governor, he should have access to the best resources – human and material. He needs people who can think and tell him the truth; the first priority is for us to help keep the state viable,” he said.