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There’s Something Fishy About EFCC Recovered Loots – Lere Olayinka



Lere Olayinka, the special assistant to governor of Ekiti state on Public Communications and New Media, has raised eyebrow over the authenticity of the cash recently seized by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

According to Olayinka, there are some hidden details on the recovered cash, which should warrant questions.

To buttress his point, Olayinka wondered how the keys to a safe, where one of the ceased monies was found.

Recall that there as been series of drama over the recent loot uncovered at an apartment in Ikoyi with accusations and denials on who the real owner of the loot is.

Read Olayinka’s posts as shared on Facebook here:

#Use your brain

If you have brain and you are using it, you will be among those asking EFCC to tell Nigerians who the owners of all these CASH being found upandan are.

1. EFCC knows the owners of that N49m cash “arrested” at Kaduna airport.

– CCTV Cameras recorded movements in the airport. So where are the CCTV recordings of Kaduna Airport on the day the money was “arrested” by the EFCC?

2. EFCC knows the owner of that N448m cash found in a shop in Victoria Island.

– The shop has owner and the building is owned by someone too. Why not simply get the owner of the Plaza and get him or her to disclose who rented the shop?

3. EFCC knows the owner of the money recovered from Osborne, Victoria Island.

– Is it possible for a whistleblower that revealed that cash was kept in the bedroom not to know the owner of the house?

– The whistleblower even knew the particular apartment – Flat 7b, and EFCC went straight to the Flat!

– Can’t EFCC simply ask its “whistleblower” the people he/she saw bringing the cash to the particular apartment?

– On this one, EFCC is hiding something.

#I‘m just using my brain.
#You can use yours too.

Lere Olayinka

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