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US Election: Trump Leads President Biden In Popularity Poll




As the United States gears up for the November presidential election, a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS indicates that former President Donald Trump is currently leading President Joe Biden.

Naija News reports that this lead persists amidst Trump’s ongoing criminal trial in New York City, reflecting a significant shift in public sentiment.

According to the poll, 49% of registered voters support Trump in a direct matchup against Biden, who garners 43%.

The survey also reveals a retrospective approval of Trump’s presidency, with 55% of Americans viewing it as a success, compared to 44% who see it as a failure.

On the contrary, President Biden’s current term receives less favorable reviews. About 61% of Americans label Biden’s tenure as a failure, while only 39% consider it successful.

This sentiment is supported by consistent disapproval ratings over his handling of key issues like the economy, healthcare, and international conflicts, particularly the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

The poll highlights a stark contrast in party unity.

A whopping 92% of Republican respondents view Trump’s presidency as successful, whereas Democratic support for Biden’s performance is relatively lower at 73%.

Among independents, 51% perceive Trump’s term as successful, further solidifying his lead over Biden, who only secures the approval of 37% in this group.

Economic issues remain at the forefront for many voters, who express greater concern over the economy and inflation than in previous elections.

Biden’s handling of the economy and inflation has particularly low approval ratings, at 34% and 29% respectively, underlining the challenges he faces in garnering support for a second term.

The survey also uncovers some overlap in negative perceptions of both presidencies, with 14% of Americans deeming both Trump and Biden’s terms as failures.

However, 47% of registered voters consider Biden’s presidency a failure while viewing Trump’s as a success, indicating a significant challenge for Biden as he seeks reelection.