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Outrage Over Viral Video Of Student Bullied At Abuja British School




There is an outrage on social media following the alleged bullying of a female student of Lead British International School, Abuja, by her classmates.

An X user, @mooyeeeeeee, in an SOS post accompanied by two videos on Monday night, said the female student was bullied and she is seeking justice for her.

The user stated she needed the message to go viral to get justice for the victim and stop societal bullying.

There’s a video I’m about to post. I need you guys to help me get justice for (sic). She was bullied in her school by her classmates at Lead British School, Abuja. Pls make it go viral so she can get justice,” the post read.


In one of the videos, the victim was seen being slapped repeatedly by another female student while asking, “Who broke my heart?”.

In another video, the victim was seen sitting next to a male classmate who was heard saying, “I spoilt her relationship”.



The post has since generated over 1,000 comments as of the time of filling this report, and netizens who reacted condemned the incident and called on the school authorities to investigate the matter.

See the reactions below.

@knownso1 said, “This is so sad to watch, don’t care what happened, but she doesn’t deserve such treatment from these rascals.


“Imagine the nonsensical boy beside her even laughing. Them suppose mend that boy. But she could at least fight back and don’t allow them treat her like a coward!!”

@Lefter_11 wrote: “Her parents should involve police and also report those children to school authorities. Some of us that went to public schools will not care to let our parents know that someone bullied or beat us , we go just arrange some friends and treat them in the language they understand.

@DeRichayo wrote: “I’m afraid that nothing may come out of this especially if the parents of the bully are among the so-called powerful in the country. A sad tale.”

@_Kendoma wrote: “What is this?The more I watch, the more it gets worse. The hearts of people are just too wicked😭”

@Positivityzzz wrote: “Every bully will ride on ur vulnerability, if you use one person as an example, others will think twice, that’s why I told my father that I don’t want to be a gentleman , Being a gentleman will make you vulnerable.”

@GracedUp1 wrote: “After paying millions only to see your child on video being maltreated like a slave. I really feel sad for that girl. The school authorities is not doing enough monitoring.”

@Wale_A3 wrote: “You pay 45m yet your wards aren’t safe in their custody! Why would students be so free within the school premises without any form of supervision? Parents pay not just for study but for the protection and safety of their children while in the care of the school.”

@sadiqGsadiq, posted a screenshot where it was alleged that the school has a bullying problem.

The untitled screenshot also alleged that another student of the school cut her classmate with a knife but was only given a two-day suspension.

The screenshot reads: “Bullying is one of the biggest issues in Lead British International School.

“And the worst thing is that they don’t even take serious actions for it. The punishment they use is always packing of trash like…does that make sense? Will packing of trash stop me from bullying someone?it does not even make sense, to be honest.

“The school is always trying to hide things like this. When things like this happen and we tell our parents, our parents think we are being dramatic and stuff that’s why we all need you to put back the post and bring awareness cuz it needs to stop.

“When I told my mom, she said I was lying. It was when I showed her the video that she believed me sef
“Let me tell you something, worst things have happened. There was a time a girl brought a knife or a paper cutter and used it to slice a boy’s hand. The boy was in Year 7. He had to get stitches and the girl’s punishment was two days suspension cuz allegedly her parents paid the school or something.

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