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How Much Bovas, Total, Conoil, Others Sell Petrol In Nigeria




'Fuel Is No More ₦660 Per Litre' - Filling Stations Reduce Price Of Petrol (See New Price)

The price of petrol in Nigeria continues to see variations across different states and even among petrol stations within the same locality, despite efforts by the Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC) to stabilize pricing across the board.

This phenomenon has been further complicated by recent revelations from Nasir El-Rufai, the former Governor of Kaduna State, regarding the reinstatement of the fuel subsidy by President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

In a surprising disclosure, El-Rufai pointed out that many Nigerians are unaware that the Tinubu administration has not only reinstated the previously removed fuel subsidies but is also spending more on them than before their removal in May 2023.

This action was intended to cushion the impact of global oil price fluctuations on domestic fuel prices.


According to El-Rufai, the reintroduction of the fuel subsidy is the reason why petrol prices are currently stabilized at about N600 to N750 per litre—figures that could have soared much higher in comparison to diesel, which now costs above ₦1,000 in various locations.

This revelation brings to light the challenges and complexities of managing fuel subsidies in Nigeria, where the NNPC has traditionally tried to regulate and equalize petrol prices to prevent disparities that could lead to economic and social discontent.

However, the current scenario underscores the varying degrees of autonomy that petrol station operators still exercise in pricing their products, which can often lead to significant price discrepancies.


The reinstatement of the fuel subsidy has sparked a need for clearer communication from the government to the public, ensuring that citizens are fully informed about such critical policy decisions and their implications on everyday living costs.

In response to the ongoing situation, Naija News has undertaken a review of petrol prices across various filling stations in the country, aiming to provide consumers with accurate and up-to-date information to navigate the fluctuating fuel market effectively.

Bovas: ₦650


Orange: ₦660

NIPCO: ₦650

Total: ₦625

Conoil: ₦630

Tunyin: ₦700

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