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Exchange Rate Of Euro To Naira Black Market Today




The Euro to Naira exchange rate in Nigeria’s black market has soared to ₦1,667.298 as of today, March 20, 2024, reflecting a significant appreciation of the European currency against the Nigerian Naira.

Over the past year, the Euro has gained at least 46% in value when compared to the Naira, indicating substantial fluctuations in the foreign exchange sector.

In the parallel market, also known as the black market, the exchange rate for the Euro showcases the informal sector’s dynamics, driven largely by supply and demand factors rather than official central bank rates.

This rate is crucial for Nigerians engaging in transactions with Europe, whether for business, education, or tourism purposes.

Traditionally, Bureau De Change Operators (BDCs), commonly referred to as ‘Abokis,’ facilitate the majority of these foreign currency exchanges in Nigeria.

These operators are known for providing rates that are more attractive than those offered by commercial banks, coupled with the advantage of speed and convenience in transactions.

However, the attractiveness of the black market rates comes with the caveat of regulatory absence.

The government and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) do not regulate these rates, leading to their determination by the prevailing market forces within the informal sector.

Such a scenario often results in exchange rates that are markedly higher than the official figures.

The black market’s susceptibility to rapid fluctuations is influenced by various elements including the availability of foreign currency, overarching economic conditions, and speculative trading. These factors contribute to the often volatile nature of the black market exchange rates.

With the Euro currently exchanging at ₦1,667.298 to the Naira in the black market, the financial landscape for transactions involving these currencies is becoming increasingly complex.

For instance, the rate implies that 100 Euros would exchange for approximately N166,729.80, while 1,000 Euros would command a hefty ₦1,667,298.00.

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