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FCCPC Fines British American Tobacco $110m For Violating Control Laws




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British American Tobacco and its affiliate companies have been fined $110 million by the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

Naija News reports that the commission announced on its X page on Wednesday that the fine was for violating the National Tobacco Control Act, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act, and other legal instruments.

The verdict of the investigation conducted by the FCCPC detailed that, “BAT Parties shall pay a penalty of $110,000,000 (One Hundred and Ten Million Dollars) under and pursuant to Sections 155 of the FCCPA, Clause 11 of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s Administrative Penalties Regulations, 2020 and Clause 4.2 of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s Investigative Cooperation/Assistance Rules and Procedures, 2021.”

It claimed that on August 28, 2020, it initiated an active investigation into British American Tobacco Nigeria Limited and other connected businesses (BAT Parties), having done so in response to reliable intelligence and facts.

Commenting on the resolution, it said, “During the year ending 2023, The Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission (Commission) came to a final resolution with British American Tobacco (Nigeria) Limited (BATN, British American Tobacco Marketing (Nigeria) Limited (BATMN), British American Tobacco Plc, British American Tobacco (Holdings) Limited (All together referred to as BAT Parties) with respect to a range of infringements of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act, National Tobacco Control Act and sundry legal instruments.”

The FCCPC said that the investigation proved and supported numerous infractions of the FCCPA and other laws through proffers, hearings, transcripts of sworn testimony, and ongoing review of the material.

It emphasized that, during the inquiry and in furtherance of mutual agreements between the Commission and the BAT Parties, the BAT Parties sought, and the Commission accepted, cooperation under the Commission’s Cooperation/Assistance Rules & Procedure, 2021.