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UFC President Appreciates Israel Adesanya’s Camp




Dana White, the president of UFC, an American mixed martial arts promotion company, has hailed Israel Adesanya’s management team for the responsive nature of the camp.

Israel Adesanya’s management team is known in the UFC as the “Gangster Camp” and they have been behind the success of the former middleweight champion over the years.

In his assessment of Adesanya’s camp, White claimed that having a camp as responsive as that of the Nigerian-born mixed martial artist goes beyond the skill of individual fighters; it explores the larger significant change in the mixed martial arts scene.

According to White, such a camp didn’t exist ten years ago and its existence demonstrates the evolution of the sport.

He said the rise of camps that represent a readiness and flexibility mentality are qualities that are critical in the modern mixed martial arts setting.

This highlights how crucial it is for teams in the modern mixed martial arts world to have a collective mindset in addition to individual fighters.

“What I think is that the coaching and the (attitude) of all these guys (are crucial)”, the UFC President said.

He continued, “When you call them and say we got a fight on Saturday, I’m going to go talk to my team, and now the teams are like, ‘Yeah, let’s do this. We’re ready.”

UFC President added, “Those guys are ready to go anytime, anywhere—pick up the phone.”