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‘Deut 32:30 Is A Curse Not Blessing, Don’t Argue With Me’ – Banky W Sparks Reactions




Nigerian singer, actor cum politician, Olubankole Wellington, better known as Banky W, has caused a stir online with a popular bible verse, ‘Deuteronomy 32:30’, saying it is a curse and not a blessing as many think.

Naija News reports that the singer, in a post shared on his Instastories, opined that Christians have been using the scripture to pray out of context for decades but failed to give any substantial reason for his post.

Banky W stated that people shouldn’t argue with him but do that with their Bible.

He wrote: “1 shall put to flight a thousand, and 2 shall put to flight 10,000. It is a curse. We’ve been praying Deut 32:20 out of contests for decades. Don’t argue with me. Argue with your Bible. Try and read it for yourself.”


The statement sparked a debate among some Christians, while some agree with him, others argue that he is wrong.

iamopeters wrote: “No sensible preacher passes a message this way. If you think you have better insight you will share it to benefit others not use it as a way to prove something and then ask people to argue. How does arguing edify anybody? You people should do better. Banky do better.”

officialbobbyfrederick wrote: “You see anything wey concern old testament christians should take it with a pinch of salt our main focus should solely be on the new testament which Is Christ teachings n what makes us christians.Old Testament is purely Judaism”


sunnex wrote: “For every verse in the Bible, there’s an Opposing one, if you doubt me, read KJV Jeremiah 22v22, read Isaiah 45 vs 7. What do you expect? A book whose Old Testament original a collection of random books written in Hebrew and New Testament is patch patch books gathered originally written in Greek. Even the Christians don’t even bother to research the Origins of their beliefs only about what their pastors says. Same educated people pointing up as Heaven, same up that becomes down 12 hours later?”

georgeoushair wrote: “Not a blessing nor a curse, simply saying 2 will achieve more than one and whether Christian or not it’s a simple facts.  Just like saying 2 heads is better than 1″

ocuhuko_bella wrote: “The bible is very deep…it takes only d grace of God to understand it”


lipixphotography wrote: “My understanding about Deuteronomy 32:30 , “How could one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight unless their Rock had sold them, unless the Lord had given them up?” This verse emphasizes the idea that with the support and strength provided by the Lord, the people can achieve remarkable success, far beyond what would be expected by simple addition of individual efforts. It underscores the significance of relying on divine strength and guidance.”

isafahd wrote: “You guys are confused….imagine me as a muslim having a better understanding of the Bible better than some of the christians here. How do you understand your holy book when you dont read it please?….everyone is giving their own suggestions however the true meanings of biblical words are beyond what the google gives. In every chapter of the holy book, messsges are being conveyed to mankind. You will only understand better when God gives you the wisdom to do so coz everyone has knowledge but for wisdom, its God given. The more you reflect your holy book, the closer you are to understanding it better so that not every interpretation will matter to you.”

bonithconcept wrote: “Because most Pentecostals focus on one translation of the Bible which is KJV. GNT states this “Why were a thousand defeated by one, and ten thousand by only two? The Lord, their God, had abandoned them, their mighty God had given them up”. So it’s not a blessing…”

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