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Sylvester Oromoni: Accused Uncles Bragged About Using Million To Defend Themselves – Family Cries Out





The family of Sylvester Oromoni, the late student of Dowen College, has cried out over how the Nigerian Bar Association and Judges have attempted to disrupt the court case.

Naija News recalls that Oromoni Junior died on November 30, 2021, after he was alleged to have been bullied and beaten by five of his senior colleagues.

Amidst the controversy that trailed the incident, Dowen College dismissed the claim, stating that the boy sustained injuries while playing football with his friends.

In a post via X, Sylvester’s family member, Perrie Oromoni, alleged that amidst the pursuit for justice, one of the accused uncles bragged about the family having over a million dollars to fight and defend the case at any length.


Perrie lamented how everyone has moved on like nothing happened, alleging that some media outlets were bought to avoid publishing the story over the lack of substantial evidence on the case.

He wrote: “2 years!!! 2 years of pain, anger, excruciating emotional torment and non-ending pursuit for justice. I have always known how corrupt and useless the Nigerian justice system is but I never imagined I’d experience it first-hand.

“This boys father was told in court by one of the Accused uncles to forget about the case. Said they’ve got over a million dollars to fight and defend themselves till the world ends. An autopsy was carried out when Sly died but was ordered to be done again in Lagos where not only was the result different, each of the families of Dowen college moved on like nothing happened. Blogs and some influential figures were bought and to crown it all its now headed towards “lack of substantial evidence”. It’s not over until justice prevails. Believe that.


“The accused has their own pathologist present. We got to see how the Nigerian bar association tried to disrupt the case, how the judge called in sick almost every court date, how witnesses were intimidated and basically harassed by the army of lawyers of the 5 accused boys.”

Rachel Okporu is an entertainment and lifestyle journalist with years of experience in the industry. She is a graduate of Linguistics and Communication Studies. Likes surfing the Internet and making new friends.

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