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Ukraine Invasion: Putin Allegedly Sends Execution Squads To Kill Russian Soldiers Who Try To Flee



President of Russia, Vladimir Putin has reportedly given an execution order against Russian soldiers who try to flee from the ongoing war.

Ukraine security services have reported that captured Russian soldiers have told them that Russian guns have been aimed at them.

The execution squads were used during Stalin’s World War Two and is a sign of the length Russia is ready to go in the ongoing crisis, The Mail Online reports.

Reports monitored on Mirror have also revealed that Chechen units have been sent to stop Russian deserters.

Ukraine has released numerous videos of captured Russian soldiers who have stated they have no interest in the war and have chosen to stop fighting.

Taking advantage of the lackadaisical attitudes of the soldiers, Ukraine has sent messages to Russian phone numbers advising them on how to surrender, and reportedly a few days ago a tank commander replied positively.

Victor Andrusiv, an adviser to the minister of internal affairs, said: “He didn’t see the point of war”.

A meet up was agreed and the tank commander was taken away after all the other troops in the tank had already fled back to Russia.

Mr. Andrusiv added: “He could not return home because his commander told him he would shoot him dead and say he died in battle.

“Misha told us that he had barely any food left, the command structure was chaotic and almost absent, morale is very low.”

Mr. Andrusiv made the claims yesterday on social media, as a part of the ongoing communications war between the two sides.